Andy McClean

A natural pilot, Andy learnt to fly a helicopter first, achieving his licence in the minimum 40 hours required - but over a mere 23 days! The talented Aviator then went on to go solo in an aeroplane after only 3 hours 20 minutes and afterwards completed three commercial pilot's licences and three instructor ratings in America, Europe and the UK: He holds EASA CPL (A) FI, EASA CPL(H) FI and FAA CPL CFI Licences. He has been flying since 1985 and has flown dozens of high performance, complex type, taildraggers, classic, Russian, French and aerobatic types including helicopters. If it flys he will fly it and if it rolls he will roll it. He has competed in National Aerobatic competitions and is one of the few Instructors currently rated to teach the AOPA Aerobatic syllabus and the EASA Aerobatic and Tailwheel ratings. He is qualified to instruct for the Commercial licence in New York and Europe. Andy believes in personal, professional instruction to the highest standards and has trained under Alan Cassidy (Four times British Unlimited Aerobatic Champion). He instructed at West London Aero Club and was an enthusiastic member there over a period of ten years owning two single seat Pitts Specials, a Yak and a CAP Aerobatic Competition Monoplane. Andy is available for Instruction on fixed wing and rotary, and will also coach or instruct Aerobatics, Advanced Flying Techniques including Farm strip, stall/spin awareness, test flying and differences training for conversions on to type. He has considerable experience acting as ferry pilot on cross channel/sea crossing and European touring. Andy is based near Eglinton Airport in N. Ireland and instructs and examines all the ground subjects for the Helicopter and Aeroplane PPL exams. A part time instructor for The Ulster Flying Club and HeliPower at Newtonards he also travels regularly to fly and teach in the UK when required.

A relaxed professional style with an emphasis on fun through achievement, defines the experience of flying with Andy.

Please feel free to contact him for further information or advice:

tel: 07857 324561